Research Centre

The Research Centre is a department to monitor/supervise testing and verification during the planning and production of BioMTA products. Especially for OrthoMTA and the devices used in the orthograde grafting procedure, but also for bone grafting material which may be produced.

The primary work focus of the Research Centre is the evaluation of the chemical, physical, mechanical and biological aspects of the materials, both at the project stage and during the various production phases. In particular the cellular cultures laboratory which is able to assess the cellular behavior of OrthoMTA. Meaning that the cytotoxicity of every product can be ascertained and certified (this data can be found in the OrthoMTA analysis chart).

The BioMTA Research Centre assists and supplements the customer service work of the Education Centre by analyzing the devices which have been sent for technical evaluation. This is carried out from a chemical, mechanical and biological viewpoint. The Research Centre makes use of the facilities and equipment of BioMTA, a company specializing in the study of, and research into, the surface characterization and modification of medical devices.

The technology at the disposal of the Research Centre is the most advanced that modern science has to offer. This include techniques such as; atomic force SEM, QXRD. Micro CT is available for morphological analysis and mineral density measurement.

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