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OrthoMTA Carrier
OrthoMTA Compacter
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Bio Endo System
BioMTA offers to dental clinics a complete range of consumables, equipment and systems for orthograde grafting with MTA.
OrthoMTA is the only orthograde root canal grafting material that is unaffected by moisture or blood contamination.

OrthoMTA has the following physiochemical properties:
1. No shrinkage and expansion (below 0.1%) after root canal grafting
2. No Cr6+
3. No Carcinogen
4. No Asbestos
OrthoMTA Carrier
OrthoMTA is easy to handle with the OrthoMTA carrier.
The system consists of a disposable 19G needle with a bayonet catch.
OrthoMTA can be taken from a premixed and centrifuged viral?
The OrthoMTA carrier is recommended as a universal MTA carrier for use both in orthograde and retrograde root canal grafting treatment in endodontics.
The OrthoMTA carrier is a unique device for the exact delivery of OrthoMTA into the canal orifice.
OrthoMTA Compacter
The OrthoMTA Compacter Is an engine driven Nitinol compacter.
OrthoMTA Plugger
For plugging or back-filling of hydrated MTA granules.
RetroMTA is a hydraulic bioceramic material for repair and vital pulp therapy. Portland cement is not used as a raw material. RetroMTA is a powder consisting of fine, hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of water and form a strong impermeable barrier. It contains hydraulic calcium zirconia complex as a contrast media.

Setting time is 150 seconds. It has no discoloration even in the blood contamination. Therefore it is ideal for aesthetic repair material. It contains no heavy metals. It has no toxicity to cells with in 48 hours. This means it is a substance for vital pulp therapy (pulp capping, pulpotomy and pulpectomy). In vivo condition, Initial Ph is up to 12.5 and down to 7.8-8.0 in 4 weeks. Ex vivo study shows it has the high potential for biomineralization.
Plunger, Disposable Needle and Bender for OrthoMTA Carrier.
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