Company Profile
BioMTA is a company producing and developing materials and instruments for the Dental Industry.

The origin of BioMTA goes back to the beginning of 2003. At that time, Dr. Yoo and his colleagues started to collect basic data about Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) and performed a series of physiochemical and biological tests. Due to the hydraulic property of MTA, it is most suitable for use in the moist conditions of the mouth.

MTA had already begun to be applied by dentists to root perforation, retrograde grafting and apical regeneration. Currently MTA is used by most dentists in the world but it has limited indications and difficulties in orthograde application. Furthermore MTA is the most expensive of dental materials. These were the factors that led BioMTA to develop an orthograde hydraulic root canal grafting material in powder form which is called OrthoMTA.

OrthoMTA has maintained the bioactive aspect of MTA and as an orthograde grafting it is easier to use and reduces treatment times. The Company "BioMTA" was established in 2009 and now has a Production arm, a Research & Development Centre and an Education Centre.

Most dentists want a hydraulic orthograde root canal grafting material that is handled easily and is available at a reasonable price. BioMTA wants to make its products, OrthoMTA and RetroMTA available to dentists around the world to experience its advantages.

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